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Monday, December 17, 2012

We Have Become Death

~I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds~
J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1945

 On Friday, a young man, the age of my oldest son, walked into a public elementary school and brutally gunned down a classroom of children, the same age as my youngest son.  It is not only a tragedy, but a horror.  Every where we turn, there is senseless murder.  We have become death.  (Click links below.)

Shooting Mass Murders

20 Dead Children In Connecticut.

A Young Man On A Rampage In An Oregon Mall.

Shooting Rampage in Colorado Movie Theater.

The Columbine School Bombing and Rampage.

7 Killed At Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.

Several Students Killed At Christian College in California.

Gunman Opens Fire In Seattle Cafe.

Disgruntled Worker Kills 5.

Virginia Tech Shooting In 2007

Amish School Shooting 

Immigrants Killed In Binghamton, New York Shooting.

The 1966 Shooting At The University of Texas

The Long Island Railroad Shooting in 1993

Tucson Mall Shooting That Injured Congress Woman.

"Going Postal"--Postal Worker Shootings In The 1980s

     While all of these deaths were senseless and unnecessary, what are we to make about it?  This is what our secular society has truly wrought and what goes unreported every day.  In context of the people killed, these rampages have nothing on the real agents of death and destruction in our society.  Wake up, Americans!  It's not the guns that are killing!  It's this culture, this Godless culture, that has given us this legacy of death!  It will not end; it will never change unless we allow Our Lord to truly reign in our hearts and in our nation.  The only one who can end it now is Our Most Blessed Mother.  Our only weapons in these dark times are the Rosary and Our Lady's Scapular.  


51 Assisted Suicide Murders in 2010 Alone.

95 People Were Assisted in Their Own Murders in Washington and Oregon.

Man Murders His Wife But Fails To Kill Himself.  Is Charged With Assisted Suicide.

Movement To Change The Definition Of Suicide To Assisted Dying.

Terry Schiavo Starved To Death For 13 Days.

Murder of The Disabled

Autistic Young Man Tortured and Murdered By Brother

Abuse And Death In Homes For The Disabled.

Family Murders Disabled Mother For Monthly Benefits.

Rape And Murder Of Disabled Girl.

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Murdered By Mother Hours Before Wedding

Woman Murders And Dismembers Disabled Step-Daughter.

Elder Abuse And Murder

Elder Abuse Masked Under Disguise Of Assisted Suicide

Woman Murders Bed-Ridden Mother

Woman and Daughter Allow Elderly Aunt To Die Of Neglect

Man Allows Elderly Mother To Sit And Rot In Her Own Waste.

Murder of the Unborn

In 2008, 1.21 Million Children Were Ripped From Their Mother's Wombs.

90% Of Babies With Down Syndrome Are Murdered Before Birth.

Pregnant Mothers Counseled To Murder Unborn Daughter Because She Was Not A Boy

Bill To Ban Sex Selective Abortion Defeated In Congress.

Murder Of Unborn Babies Based On Sex Is A Real Problem In The United States.

     This is what we have become!  We are a people without God.  We are a people without love.  We are a people without compassion.  When we, as a people, as a nation embraced the willful murdering of our own children in the womb, we dropped the Atomic Bomb on our society.  We can not stop the fall out.  We we can kill the children we cannot see, what is left to stop us from killing the people we can see?  If we have no God, how are we to stop ourselves from starving to death our own helpless aging parents and disabled children?

We have become death, the destroyer of worlds.

Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times. Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked,Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness,  Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God: Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof.  But evil men and seducers shall grow worse and worse: erring, and driving into error. But continue thou in those things which thou hast learned, and which have been committed to thee: knowing of whom thou hast learned them; 2 Timothy 3:1-5; 13-14

Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Pray For Us!

O, Emmanuel, Come, Bring Your Justice!  Show Your People Mercy!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh, Mom, You're So Old School!

      On Saturday, my husband and I had a meeting with our priest.  He is a good and holy priest, filled with gentleness and wisdom.  We met with him because our teenage son is rebellious, more so than we can handle, and we hoped for some guidance.  While we did get just that, we also came away with a greater understanding of why we are having this trouble in the first place.
     Our oldest two sons were raised by and in the culture.  In those early days, I worked, they went to the babysitter or daycare.  As they became school age, they went off to public school.  The schools were good, we believed, and they had programs and activities before and after school to accommodate most schedules. Finding a place to live with a good school system was imperative because public education by trained teachers was important and necessary.  It mattered and we believed in it.  And it's a communist lie.
     Before you dismiss me as some McCarthian nut, please hear me out.  See I didn't believe it myself.  Oh, yes, I have known for a long time that the public school system is wrought with problems.  I know that the schools are failing, students are failing, money is being wasted.   Everyone knows that.  We all know they eliminated prayer in the classrooms, they've instituted diversity programs, they've emphasized sports.  But these are good things right?  Not all children share the same religious beliefs, not all children share the same cultural background, not all children are physically active.  These are all things that children need to feel comfortable about.  If they feel comfortable, then learning is made easier, right?  We also know that our society is increasingly technological.  We need more scientists, more science, more technology.  And where are children going to get that when their parents aren't so inclined?  We need the public school system, right? We need the educated to educate.  The children need to learn, need to think about their futures, need to join the workforce, need to be healthy and fit, right?  The sooner they begin learning, the better, right?  And all little children have a right to this, a right to learn, a right to be guided, a right to be treated equally and fairly?  Yes!  All of us agree on that, right?
     Keep all these thoughts in mind.  Keep these ideas of fairness, equality, science, religious freedom, and diversity in mind when you read what I am going to share with you.  Keep all of it in mind when your 9 year old daughter is practicing her hip-hop dance moves.  Keep all of it in mind when you drop your 3 year old off at pre-pre-school.  Keep all of this in mind when your 5th grader is working on his Earth Awareness Project.  Keep this in mind when your teenager tells you that your values are not the same as hers.  Keep this in mind when your son invites you to his wedding at the Elvis chapel in Las Vegas.

It is the task of the new school to adapt the mentality of adults to the changed social conditions. It is the task of the new school to train up a younger generation whose whole ideology shall be deeply rooted in the soil of the new communist society.  The attainment of this end must be promoted by all our educational reforms, some of which have already been inaugurated, whilst others still await realization.

In bourgeois society, the child is regarded as the property of its parents - if not wholly, at least to a major degree. When parents say, 'My daughter', 'My son', the words do not simply imply the existence of a parental relationship, they also give expression to the parents' view that they have a right to educate their own children. From the socialist outlook, no such right exists.

The child, therefore, belongs to the society in which it lives, and thanks to which it came into being - and this society is something wider than the 'society' of its own parents.

To society, likewise, belongs the primary and basic right of educating children. From this point of view, the parents' claim to bring up their own children and thereby to impress upon the children's psychology their own limitations, must not merely be rejected, but must be absolutely laughed out of court.

Society may entrust the education of children to the parents; but it may refuse to do anything of the kind; and there is all the more reason why society should refuse to entrust education to the parents, seeing that the faculty of educating children is far more rarely encountered than the faculty of begetting them.

Social education will make it possible for socialist society to train the coming generation most successfully, at lowest cost, and with the least expenditure of energy.

Hundreds of thousands, millions of mothers will thereby be freed for productive work and for self-culture. They will be freed from the soul-destroying routine of housework, and from the endless round of petty duties which are involved in the education of children in their own homes.

That is why the Soviet Power is striving to create a number of institutions for the improvement of social education, which are intended by degrees to universalize it. To this class of institutions belong the kindergartens, to which manual workers, clerks, etc., can send their children, thus entrusting them to experts who will prepare the children for school life. To this category, too, belong the homes or residential kindergartens. There are also children's colonies, where the children either live permanently, or for a considerable period, away from their parents. There are in addition the crèches, institutions for the reception of children under four years of age; in these the little ones are cared for while their parents are at work.

The Communist Party, therefore, must, on the one hand, ensure, through the working of soviet institutions, that there shall be a more rapid development of the places where children are prepared for school life, and it must ensure that there shall be a steady improvement in the training given at such places. On the other hand, by intensified propaganda among parents, the party must overcome bourgeois and petty-bourgeois prejudices concerning the necessity and superiority of home education. Here theoretical propaganda must be reinforced by the example of the best conducted educational institutions of the Soviet Power. Only too often, the unsatisfactory condition of the homes; crèches, kindergartens, etc., deters parents from entrusting their children to these. It must be the task of the Communist Party, and especially of the women's sections, to induce parents to strive for the improvement of social education, not by holding aloof from it, but by sending their children to the appropriate institutions, and by exercising the widest possible control over them through parents' organizations.

The preparatory institutions are for children up to the age of seven.

Universal, equal, and compulsory education is made available for all children from the ages of seven to seventeen.

The school must be unified. This means, first of all, that the segregation of the sexes in the school must be done away with, that boys and girls must be educated together, that there must be co-education.

The unified school provides a single gradated system, through which every learner in the socialist republic can and must pass. Boys and girls will begin with kindergarten, and will work their way together through all stages to the top. This will conclude general compulsory education and also such technical education as is compulsory for every pupil.

It will be obvious to our readers that the unified school is not merely the ideal of every advanced educationist, but is the only possible type of school in a socialist society, that is to say, in a classless society or in one that is striving to abolish class. Socialism alone can realize this ideal of the unified school, although certain bourgeois educationists have entertained aspirations towards it.

The school of the socialist republic must be a labour school. This means that instruction and education must be united with labour and must be based upon labour. 

Finally, for communist society, the labour school is absolutely indispensable.   Labour should be a need, like the desire for food and drink; this need must be instilled, and developed in the communist school.

The unified labour school, and nothing else, can provide for the training of workers who will be able to perform the most diverse functions of communist society.

Up to the age of seventeen, all the young people in the republic must attend the unified labour school, acquiring there the sum of theoretical and practical knowledge indispensable to every citizen of communist society. 

Until seventeen, the pupils at the labour school are scholars rather than workers.

The fundamental aim of the labour processes in the school is not that of creating values and of contributing to the State budget, but that of conveying instruction.

After the age of seventeen, the pupil becomes a worker. He must perform his quota of labour, must play his due part in producing goods for the human community. He can receive specialist instruction only in so far as he has first fulfilled his fundamental duty towards society. 

All distinction between professors and students will have disappeared.

The transitional period between capitalism and communism has given birth to a special type of school, which is intended to be serviceable to the revolution now in progress and to assist in the construction of the soviet apparatus.

 Such were the aims of the party and soviet schools which have grown up under our own eyes, in order to give brief and occasional courses of instruction, and which are being transformed into permanent institutions for the training of those who work in the party and in the soviets.

The Communist Party has to create out of the younger generation an entirely new school of educationists, consisting of persons who have from the very first been trained in the spirit of communism, and above all in the spirit of the communist educational programme.

Communist society will come to the aid of the parents. In Soviet Russia the Commissariats of Public Education and of Social Welfare are already doing much to assist the family. We already have homes for very small babies, creches, kindergartens, children’s colonies and homes, hospitals and health resorts for sick children. restaurants, free lunches at school and free distribution of text books, warm clothing and shoes to schoolchildren. All this goes to show that the responsibility for the child is passing from the family to the collective.

The parental care of children in the family could be divided into three parts: (a) the care of the very young baby, (b) the bringing up of the child, and (c) the instruction of the child.

The more the workers became conscious of their rights and the better they were organised, the more society had to relieve the family of the care of the children.

Communist society considers the social education of the rising generation to be one of the fundamental aspects of the new life. 

The old family, narrow and petty, where the parents quarrel and are only interested in their own offspring, is not capable of educating the “new person”

The playgrounds, gardens, homes and other amenities where the child will spend the greater part of the day under the supervision of qualified educators will, on the other hand, offer an environment in which the child can grow up a conscious communist who recognises the need for solidarity, comradeship, mutual help and loyalty to the collective.

What responsibilities are left to the parents, when they no longer have to take charge of upbringing and education?  The workers’ state aims to support every mother, married or unmarried, while she is suckling her child, and to establish maternity homes, day nurseries and other such facilities in every city and village, in order to give women the opportunity to combine work in society with maternity.

Do not be afraid of having children. Society needs more workers and rejoices at the birth of every child. Communist society takes care of every child and guarantees both him and his mother material and moral support. Society will feed, bring up and educate the child. At the same time, those parents who desire to participate in the education of their children will by no, means be prevented from doing so. Communist society will take upon itself all the duties involved in the education of the child, but the joys of parenthood will not be taken away from those who are capable of appreciating them. 

Communist society wants bright healthy children and strong, happy young people, free in their feelings and affections.

     This is why we are having trouble with our oldest children.  They were raised and educated by our culture in our public school system.  The indoctrination begins at birth.  It is preparation.  The communists knew it.  That's why they pushed parents to placing their children in day cares and nursery schools.  To prepare them for the communist indoctrination.  And that is exactly the system we have willingly instituted in the United States.  And it is that system that has instilled in them the idea that we, their parents, do not have a right to them.  We have no parental sovereignty.  We have no obligations given us by Our Lord.  We can't tell them what to do or seek to offer them advice.  We are not to interfere with their actions or their judgments.  We are to be silent.  
     They were taught that they were scholars first, tasked with learning information and data.  We could not expect them to work summer jobs and save money for college or work after school to help pay for food or clothes.  They could only do it, if they wanted to and only if the school board gave a business permission to hire them.  They were taught that someone else was supposed to provide for their needs, their clothes, their food, their entertainment.  
     They were taught that their happiness comes first.  We are supposed to respect their feelings, their desires, their emotions.  If they love some young person, we are supposed to support it and encourage it.  We are supposed to accept it if they have sexual relations, if they are homosexual, or if they "feel" they are a girl in a boy's body.
    And now on this day, those sons we entrusted to the care of the state, the institutions that were made available for us to go to work and provide food for our family, come to us to tell us to leave them alone.  Stay out of my business.  Your values are different from mine.  I don't need an education; I can just go to work.  I don't believe in God.  I need a new computer.  They come to us and spit in our faces, disrespect us, ignore our pleas, disobey our rules, and mock us behind our backs, lie to our faces.  
  My husband and I are reaping what we have sown.  We are getting what we deserve.  We didn't know.  And that's the wickedness of it all.  Our society, our culture is positively evil. We became young adults when our society was beginning the transition from capitalism to communism, from Christianity to Paganism.  We accepted it because our parents embraced it.  We wanted it.  We liked the freedom from responsibility.  We liked the independence to do our own thing, follow our own paths.  We accepted it as normal, as modern, as necessary, as progress.  We bequeathed it to our children.  But we didn't know what we were doing! 
     Unfortunately, our transition period is over.  Our nation has already adopted communism as its ruling principle.  And it happened not through war or invasion.  It happened in our public school system.  They educated our children with the freedom of the parents.  As parents, we willingly dropped them off, day after day, into the day care centers, the kindergartens, the play groups, the elementary schools, and the high schools.  We paid for them to go to colleges and universities were they were trained to take over our children and educate them in the "new ways."  We did it all willingly.  We relinquished our responsibilities because it was too hard, too time consuming, to much trouble to raise them and work.  They told us we weren't smart enough to raise our children, to teach them, to guide.  We believed them and we packed them up and sent them out.  We took them to their counselors when we were troubled.  We followed their advice when we were confused.  We bought their books.  And now we are a nation of socialists and communist sympathizers.  And it happened without a single bullet being fired.
     As for us, we can only pray that our two oldest children find God.  They have no foundation other than the one they got from the culture.  It is where they will turn by default.  But Our Lord is the Lord of Mercy.  We pray constantly that our sons will consent themselves to God, to His Divine Will.  It is all we can do.  
     Our priest, on Saturday reminded us, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not part from it."  That gives me hope for our 5 remaining children. Will they be rebellious?  Maybe.  But it is we who have raised them.  And we raised them at home, with Catholicism as our foundation.
     Almost 100 years ago, Our Lady came to visit us at Fatima.  She told the three little children that Russia had to be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.  She left specific instructions on how to do this.  She said that if this was done, Russia would be converted and the world would have peace.  She warned that if it did not happen, the errors of Russia would be spread throughout the world and all the nations would be annihilated.  This has not been done in the manner that Our Lord requested and therefore we are experiencing His chastisement.  
     May God grant His Mercy to us all!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Love, Peace, and Deer in the Headlights

 Tolerance is the only virtue common to those who don't believe in anything.----G.K. Chesterton 

This is going to be a really quick post.  It is entirely in response to my personal opinion of an audio that was posted on my Facebook by a friend, who just happens to be Novus Ordo.  I'm sure you've seen it posted on Facebook, too, or YouTube.  But just in case, here is Donna, the Deer Lady.  I remarked on Facebook that there is no excuse for the stupidity of the American people.  Personally, I think that was a fair representation of the situation, and something poor Donna even admitted herself!  What surprised me, really, in the whole matter, was that eventually I was admonished for my comments and counseled to be more tolerant and compassionate.  And why?  Because I found this poor woman's ignorance to be offensive rather than humorous.  What a shame.
     Somewhere in the comments, there began a conversation regarding the nature of what I was saying.  I was reminded that the poor woman was just "an airhead" and I should give her a break.  Most people, my Catholic friends, seemed to be offended by my not finding any humor in the ignorance and stupidity of this woman.  They were offended by me!  Finally, I was completely admonished and then reprimanded for not being tolerant and lacking compassion.  I shouldn't be surprised, really.   The modern Catholic Church has taught her children well:  Be Nice At All Costs!  Some People Are Just Born That Way.  They Can't Help It.  You MUST Show Them Compassion!  You MUST Be Tolerant!  
   Of course, poor Donna has zilch to do with Catholicism.  But lucky for Donna, she has had good friends who have been charitable enough to instruct her in her ignorance.  And because she is warm and forgiving, she has, by her own admission, learned the truth about the deer.  Good for Donna's friends!  So in a like manner, I am going to be charitable with my friends and instruct them in their ignorance.  What will happen as a result:  I will probably be unfriended and chastised for being judgmental!
     As always, I suppose the best place to start is with the words themselves.  Words have meanings.  Yes, some words, like "nice," have changed over time, well because we just don't like what they mean!  I will let you do your own research on that word and focus my thoughts on just four:  ignorant, stupid, compassion, and tolerance.  Oh this is so much fun!

Ignorant:  lacking knowledge or comprehension.

Stupid: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner.

Compassion: a sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Tolerance: sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own.

    Let's talk about poor Donna first:  Poor Donna was ignorant.  She lacked a real knowledge about the nature of animals.  She really believed that these poor creatures had some primitive form of intelligence and could be convinced to cross the highway at specifically designated points.  I don't know why this poor woman thought this.  Perhaps this lack of comprehension grew out of her genuine love for animals and elevating them to some status they don't deserve.  Who knows?  But she admitted that this is indeed what she thought, that animals could understand road signs.  Her phone call into the radio station, her letter writing, her insistence were all very stupid.  She was acting in a very unintelligent manner.  Her actions were based purely on her lack of knowledge.  And she embarrassed herself.  And that is absolutely not funny.  But lucky for Donna, her friends decided she was important enough and loved enough to be saved from this embarrassment.  Out of genuine compassion, a desire to alleviate her stupidity and embarrassment, they called her and instructed her on the true nature of deer---they cannot read.  They do not follow road signs.  The deer crossing signs are not to guide them, but are there to ALERT US to their presence!  Out of love for their friend, they just could not tolerate her ignorance.  Why?  Because she had already had 3 accidents due to her ignorance and stupidity.  They love her and just could not imagine allowing her to continue to risk her life over her ignorance.  Such good friends that sweet Donna has.  And yes, I think Donna is genuinely sweet.  Bless her heart!
     Now let's talk about what any of this  has to do with Catholicism:  Modern Catholics are ignorant.  They, by their own admission, lack any real knowledge about their faith.  Oh sure, they know who the Pope is.  They love him dearly.  They trust him.  But they couldn't tell you a thing about Catholicism, other than what their priest tells them.  Syllabus of Errrors--what's that?  Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus--Huh?  Christ is Really Present in the Eucharist---what does that mean?  Why are so many Catholics ignorant of their own faith?  I don't know.  Most have never been properly instructed by either their parents or their priests.  Many just don't have time or no where to go.  Some or blissfully happy with the way things are because of sentiment.  Whatever the reason for their ignorance, these Catholics just do the silliest and nonsensical things.  They marry people who are not Catholic or who have no faith at all.  They don't have their children baptized.  They receive the Precious Body of Our Lord in their dirty hands.  They continue to send their children to public schools.  And they do so in good faith and in all sincerity.  And eventually they embarrass themselves, like these people in Germany.
     Lucky for our modern Catholics, they have friends of the traditional variety, who love them and don't want them to continue to risk their souls.  So out of compassion, we approach them.  We bring them books on the dangers of the New Mass.  We invite them over on Fridays in the summer for fish and chips.  We encourage them to read the Encyclicals of all the Popes, not just the modern ones.  We keep on encouraging them to find a traditional Mass and go there.  We share with them the necessity for confession.  Most of all we pray for them.  What we don't do is tolerate the ignorance, the stupidity.  Why?  Because tolerance is an infection.  It grows in our hearts like a virus, eventually making us comfortable with whatever anyone wants to do.  All we become concerned with in our tolerance is making people happy, being nice, and making people feel comfortable.  In our tolerance, we've decided to replace compassion with acceptance.  Instead of sharing other's distress and attempting to alleviate it, we just approve of whatever they are doing because it makes them happy or feel comfortable.  It is truly sorrowful.  But that is the state of modern Catholics and the modern Catholic Church.
    Advent is upon us.  Perhaps during the time of fasting, sacrifice, and contemplation, we can offer prayers up for the whole Church.  She is suffering.  She is not what she used to be and many Catholics are confused and many souls are lost.

St. Andrew, pray for us!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh, Beautiful Lady, Why Do You Weep?

     A day or two ago, I stumbled across a blog of some really amazing political cartoons by Me & Folly.  They have some great conservative political commentary through their cartoons over on their blog.  Check it out, here.  Just the other day, they posted this cartoon, in honor of the re-election of President Barack Obama.

Here she sits, Lady Liberty, an icon of our great nation, weeping in sorrow over what this election might mean for the United States.  And as shocking and representative as this image is in the outcome of this past election, let me offer you another image, of greater significance to compare.

This photograph is a picture of the statue of Our Blessed Mother in La Salette, France on the site where she appeared to two little children, Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud, on September 19, 1846.  According to the children, they found this Beautiful Lady weeping in Her hands.  She wept the entire time she spoke to the children.  Why was this Beautiful Lady weeping so?  She was crying for Her children, Our Lord's children, because we have become so lost and have turned so far away from Our Lord.  She was weeping because She knew that Our Lord was going to punish us for our disobedience, for our rejection of His Commandments, and for our loss of love and faith.  She knew and She came to warn us.  What She had to say to these little children has gone mostly unheeded, except for a few.  What She warned would come to pass has been all but dismissed and, in recent years, redefined.  The leaders in the Catholic Church haven't wanted you to hear Our Mother for fear that you might "worry" or become "overburdened."  Well, American Catholics, it's too late now.  Our Lady Liberty weeps now because she is finally realizing that what Our Blessed Mother said is true.  If you don't know what Our Blessed Mother said, or if you aren't sure of the significance of it, I'll clarify it here.

     When Our Mother appeared on the Alps in Southern France in 1846, she spoke very seriously and sweetly with these two little, poor, uneducated children.  She gave them messages to take back to the bishops of the Church and secrets to be revealed only when She wanted them to be known.  Many of the messages Our Blessed Mother told the children were very disturbing.  In these messages, Our Lady warned that the whole world would suffer loss of faith, decline of morals, waging of war after war, poverty, and devastation.  While most of her messages have to do with France and the French Revolution in the 1850s, She made some dire predictions that would effect the entire world.  And while some priests and religious have continued to discredit what Our Mother said to little Melanie in the fields that day, I am inclined to believe the entire message.  And while there is much to read in Our Lady of LaSalette's messages, I specifically want to highlight something that applies to our times, in our beloved United States, and in the Modern Catholic Church.  After that, you can read Our Lady's messages and decide for yourself if what she said is true or not.

In the year 1864 Lucifer, together with a great number of devils, will be loosed from hell; little by little they will abolish the faith, and that even in persons consecrated to God; they will so blind them, that without a special grace, these persons will take on the spirit of these evil angels; a number of religious houses will lose the faith entirely and cause many souls to be damned.

     Why in the heavens would Our Blessed Mother mention the year 1864?  It seems like such an arbitrary number, doesn't it?  But a pretty quick search of history, reveals that 1864 was pretty significant for the Devil's work.  It was this year, that the Communist Karl Marx, in political exile in England, was able to exert his influence through the International Working Men's Association.  Where he had previously been isolated and ostracized, Karl Marx, through his journalism experience, was able to draft and launch a platform that would eventually become what we know as Communism.  In September of 1864, workers from across Europe met and organized to address the political and social plight of the working class.  And it was through this newly founded organization that Marx's was able to frame his political and social ideas in a way that seemed positive and hopeful.  He drafted his platform and set it in motion in his Inaugural Address, and thus, as Our Lady foretold, a great number of devils were loosed from hell.  

     That evil, repugnant, godless philosophy called Communism has many names, most specifically Socialism but one you may not have heard of---Communitarianism.  Communism has all but taken root in the entire world, and now, under another term of President Barack Obama, Socialism is set to become the new norm in the United States of America.  Oh, sure.  You've heard people proclaim that Communism is dead.  They will jump up and down insisting that Communism died with the last thud of the bricks from the collapse of the Berlin Wall.  Oh, Catholics will tell you that Pope John Paul II dedicated his Papacy to dismantling Communism.  These same people will tell you that Ronnie Reagan and Maggie Thatcher tirelessly and doggedly forced an end to that vile social, economic, and political system called Communism.  But they are all wrong.  Communism is not dead.  Communism lives on and it continues to invest every nation and every institution on earth, including the Catholic Church, just as Our Blessed Mother said it would.

     So pay attention my dear American Catholics!  Each year, our nation grows more and more socialistic in practice.  Almost half of American citizens depend on the government to do something for them:  Social Security, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, student loans, public schools, school lunches, day care subsidies, unemployment, disability.  Each year the programs grow and the people become less dependent on themselves and their families and more dependent on the government.  And there is nothing to be done.  The train has left the station, folks, and it ain't gonna stop until individuals have lost their personal sovereignty.  But of course, every American knows this.  And that is why there was so much backlash against another Obama term.  And who helped him get re-elected?  Why, the Catholics, of course!

    You see, just as Our Blessed Mother told little Melanie and Maximin, the priests, bishops, and religious will slowly become infected with the Communist spirit that they will lose the faith entirely and souls will be damned!  Once upon a time, Popes defended the Church from evil.  In 1878, Pope Leo XIII condemned the rising ideas of communism in Quod Apostolici Muneris.  He was certainly not trying to play nice when he called the socialists and communists a "wicked confederacy."  He exposed their plan for all to see--the overthrow of civil society.  He showed us how they work.  He condemned their ideas: refusal to acknowledge God, absolute equality of all men in rights and duties, sexual freedom, greed, materialism, and their assaults on the natural right of property.  Not only did Pope Leo XIII condemn the evil scourge of communism, he also forbid Catholics from becoming involved in any organization that promoted such ideas. In fact, Pope Leo XIII recognized that the ONLY defense against the spread of communism across the world was the One True Church:  Since they know that the Church of Christ has such power to ward off the plague of socialism as cannot be found in human laws, in the mandates of magistrates, or in the force of armies, let them restore that Church to the condition and liberty in which she may exert her healing force for the benefit of society. 

     But is the Catholic Church speaking like this now when socialism is running rampant throughout society and beginning to take root in the United States?  Nope.  Instead she is busy bringing the cause of sainthood forward for Communists!!  Just today, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops lead by the ever jovial Cardinal Dolan announced that they intend to canonize Dorothy Day, the communist turned communitarianist.  In case, you have never heard of Dorothy Day, let me share with you a few things I discovered on my own.

     Dorothy Day was born in New York at the turn of the 20th century.  She spent her 20s roaring through the 20s and embracing every feminist ideal that was popular in her day.  She had multiple sexual relationships, an unwed pregnancy, and an abortion.  She had been a nude model and was a member of the American Socialist Party.  She was a journalist, a peace activist during WWI, and a champion for women's suffrage.  She is by all signs, a model for modern women feminism.  It was perhaps her daughters illegitimate birth that led Ms. Day to her "personal" conversion, as she had her daughter baptized a Catholic.  In 1932, she met up with a man who shared her cause and together they established a newspaper called the Catholic Worker, which became a vehicle for her to promote her ideas regarding Catholic social justice.  Throughout her life and career, Dorothy Day, through her newspaper, which later became a movement, she continued to criticize the capitalist economic system, she supported the rising trade unions which were calling for worker's equality, she challenged the Catholic Church to embrace pacifism, and she insisted that Our Lord's teaching was one of non-violence and peace.  She spent her life leading causes such as ending nuclear war, opposition to WWII and Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, and working with Cesar Chavez' United Farm Workers.  In short, throughout her entire life, Dorothy Day, in spite of claiming she had a conversion, continued to live, embody, and promote socialist ideals.  In fact, I don't believe she ever recanted her communist beliefs or apologized for her actions even until her death in 1980.

     Some say that Ms. Day was no longer a communist, that she did a great service for the Church, especially the poor.  But I say this is purely an attempt to mislead Catholics.  In fact, let me share with you her own words from her own newspaper in 1948:

To see only the good, the Christ, in others!  Perhaps if we thought of how Karl Marx was called "Papa Marx" by all the children on the street, if we knew and remembered how he told fairy stories to his children, how he suffered hunger and poverty and pain, how he sat by the body of his dead child and had no money for coffin or funeral, perhaps such thoughts as these would make us love him and his followers.  Dear God, for the memory of that dead child, of that faithful wife, grant his stormy spirit a "place of refreshment, light, and peace."
And there was Lenin.  He hungered and thirsted and at times he had no fixed abode.  Mme. Krupskaya, his widow, said that he loved to go into the peace of the pine woods and hunt mushrooms like old Mrs. Dew down at Easton did, and we with her one October.  He lived one time in the slums of Paris, and he lived on horse meat when he had meat, and he started schools for the poor and the workers.  "He went about doing good."  (For reference see this link.)

    Here is your new saint, modern Catholics!  Your new saint has told you to forget about the millions of CATHOLICS who were slaughtered by the Bolsheviks and Vladimir Lenin.  Is that the good he went about doing, Ms. Day?  Are we supposed to forget about it the repression, the gulags, the forced migration?  Are you so blind, Catholic faithful, that you cannot see what Our Lady of LaSalette warned you about your bishops and priests???

     Just as this is a dark day for the United States of America, this is an even darker day for the Catholic Church.  Yes, Our Lady is weeping.  She is weeping because their is nothing left for us to do.  The devil has been unleashed.  The Catholic Church, who once stood in armor battling evil, particularly communism in all its forms, is now either silent or embracing the very evil itself!  Our Lord is going to punish us very severely and soon.  The United States and the Catholic Church are about to suffer the same fate---we are all about to be chastised.  What can us Americans do to prepare for the economic and social depravity we are about to face at the hands of our socialist government?  Stock up on food and supplies.  Keep some cash on hand.  Find a safe place to go when it all comes crashing down.  What can Catholics do to prepare for God's wrath over the desecration of His Altars and the loss of faith of His holy priests?  Find a True Mass.  Wear Our Lady's Scapular.  Pray a daily Rosary as Our Lady of Fatima told us.  Keep your family close.  There is nothing left for us to do.

    May God have mercy on the United States and on His faithful Catholics!

     Our Lady of LaSalette, pray for us!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween? Holy Day or Pagan Playtime?

     As the uber-American holiday, Halloween, is getting underway today, I thought I'd re-address the topic that I discussed a few years ago on another blog.  If you wish, you can read that post here:  Saint, Souls, and Saturday.  Since Halloween is one of those days that many of my Catholic friends are reluctant to give up for fear of being cast as an extreme Christian fundamentalists, I thought I would approach it again on this blog.  If you are new to Catholicism or new to this blog, if you are a cradle-Catholic or a modern Catholic, if you do nothing else today, please spend some time looking at the origins of Halloween using reliable Catholic information.
     In my previous article on Halloween, I mentioned in brief detail how and why the Church, in Her wisdom, introduced the feast days of All Saints and All Souls Day.  These Holy Days have very real significance in the lives of faithful Catholics.  In fact, they are central to what we know about our lives, the lives of the Saints, Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.  Celebrating these days in Catholic fashion is significant and important.  It is something we should be doing as Catholics.  These days remind us that death is nothing to fear, as long as we are living in faith and following our Lord's Commandments.  They remind us that, if we live our lives properly, we will be united in Heaven with all the Saints who have gone before us.  We are reminded that Our Lord conquers evil, that Our Lord conquers death, that death brings us to Heaven.
     These days from All Saints to All Souls also remind us to pray for our loved ones who may be suffering in Purgatory, waiting on the Mercy of Our Lord.  In fact, praying for the souls in Purgatory is a great moral good.  As such, traditionally the entire month of November is dedicated to the Suffering Souls in Purgatory.  To ensure that faithful Catholics continued to pray for the souls of the faithful departed, the Church attached to these prayers a plenary indulgence, or a forgiveness of the temporal punishments of sin.  In the special circumstance of All Souls Day, this indulgence shortens the time in Purgatory of our loved ones.  In other words, praying for the Suffering Souls in Purgatory actually helps them.
     In Catholic countries around the world, All Hallow's Eve, All Saints' Day, and All Souls' Day were spent in seriousness, joy, and prayer.  Families made long trips to the cemeteries where their loved ones were buried.  On these days, they cleaned the graves, lit candles, and often prayed for hours.  In many places, family members gathered together before or after Mass on these days, sharing family stories of their loved ones, and gathering to pray Rosaries for their souls.  These were days that ushered in a month long period of prayer and penance in hopes that the souls of long lost mothers, fathers, grandparents, and even children made their way to Heaven where once again families could be reunited.  It was a special time, a beautiful time for families to reflect on their own mortality and hope in the Lord's salvation.
     However, these age old Catholic traditions are something our nation has never known.  American Catholics have little or no knowledge of these beautiful, ancient traditions.  Yes, our immigrant ancestors brought with them the ancient practices of praying for the dead, especially in the cemeteries during Hallow Mass and All Souls' Day.  But these early Catholics ancestors were few and far between.  But because the Protestants dominated our new country, they despised these practices, considering them superstitious and evil.  To counteract them, they began to establish there own fall festivals and bonfire parties.  They began to have plays, dances, and costume parties, mostly celebrating Guy Fawkes and Reformation Day, and incorporating American Patriotism. By the 1920s, the celebration and costume parties had become just another part of American life.
     Catholics in America were faced, on a daily basis, with a dilemma.  How could a faithful Catholic survive in the workplace, in the neighborhoods, in an increasingly hostile Protestant environment?  In spite of Pope Leo XIII warning Catholics regarding the dangers of "Americanism," Catholics found themselves accepting of and influenced by Protestantism, just to get along with their neighbors.  As such, American Catholics, Catholics first in heart, doctrine, and spirit, slowly evolved into Catholic Americans, Americans first in heart, doctrine, and spirit.  And one of the quintessential celebrations of American life was the Halloween/Fall Celebration.
     By the 1950s, Halloween was so popular in the United States, that trick-or treating, what had previously been a night young people used to tip over outhouses and vandalize fences, became a night for little children to dress up, go door to door in the burgeoning suburbs, and get piles of candy.  Shortly thereafter, the celebration itself lost all religious and political meaning.  It had become just another day for Americans to celebrate their Americanism.  It was fun and it was mostly harmless.  And it was a chance for Catholics and Protestants to play together all nicey-nice.
     Over the years, Halloween celebrating has become so popular for Americans, that it is poised to take over Christmas.   At the same time that Halloween has become so popular for Americans, it has also come along way since the kids trick-or-treating and candy of even my day in the 1970s.  And while these were familiar Halloween costumes in my neighborhood, costumes are becoming more macabre and frightening.  Adults are increasingly becoming more involved, using the night for drunken parties and mischief.  Even Americans agree.  Halloween has moved from childhood fun time, to adult party time.   As such, it is becoming sexualized and scary, reminiscent of pagan rituals of ancient times.
     So what is happening?  And what are Catholics to do?  Sadly, whether anyone Catholic wants to acknowledge it or not, Halloween is returning to it's pagan origins and celebrations.  As a growing population of Americans identify themselves as non-religious or not affiliated with any religious group, there are bound to be ramifications.  The holidays that once held some religious significance have become completely engulfed by secular materialism and commercialism.  The sad thing, though, is that those who do consider themselves religious continue to fully participate in the slide to secularism.  This slide into secularism, the loss of religious practices and identity, has opened the gates for Halloween to return to its godless, pagan origins.  Very few people, even Catholics, recognize what Hallows Evening is supposed to be about.
     All Hallow's Eve begins this evening.  This is the evening many Catholics would do well to go to Mass instead of trick-or-treating.  Visit the cemetery where your loved ones are buried.  Light a candle as a reminder that the Light of Heaven is their guide.  Pray a Rosary.  Instead of spending time at the shopping mall looking for that last minute zombie costume, reflect on the Communion of Saints.  Read a story about your name saint, if you have one.  Help your children make a costume of St. Joan, St. George, St. Lawrence, or St. Kateri.  Instead of grabbing bags of candy for trick-or-treaters, bring out the old photos of grandma and grandpa.  Make a list of all the faithful departed in your family.  Work on your family altar.  Call your friends, have them over for a Rosary and tea.  Rejoice.  Pray.  Make it a Holy Day again.  Help a Poor Soul in Purgatory.

But most of all, leave the pagans to themselves.

Efficacious Prayer for the Faithful Departed

O most compassionate Jesus, have mercy on the Souls detained in Purgatory, for whose redemption Thou didst take upon Thyself our nature and endure a bitter death.  Mercifully hear their sighs, look with pity upon the tears which they now shed before Thee, and by virtue of Thy passion, release them from their pains due to their sins.  O most merciful Jesus, let Thy Precious Blood reach down into Purgatory and refresh and revive the captive souls who suffer there.  Stretch out to them Thy strong right hand, and bring them forth into the place of refreshment, light, and peace.


May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.  Amen.

This is dedicated to the baptized Catholics in my family, whose souls are hopefully in Purgatory, awaiting their eternal reward.  May God have mercy on their souls.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't Look Now! The Emperor Has No Clothes!

     It has been some time since I posted.  I apologize.  I've had a mother to care for and a handful of children to homeschool.  It's been a rough two months.  But as issues with my mother are improving and the children are managing, I thought I'd write some more on politics as I had promised in the summer.
     I had wanted to write a lot of things, particularly about the history of Catholics in the United States, but recent events of the Catholic Bishops in the U.S have come to the forefront.  And I think it's a good opportunity to address what is wrong with the modern Catholic Church and why so many Catholics are ignorant of their faith and confused about how to cast a vote in this upcoming election.


     In case, the above image is not familiar to you, this is a photograph taken on October 18, 2012 at the 67th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner in New York.  Okay.  So what?  Who is Alfred E. Smith anyway?  And why is this dinner occasion for Bishops to cozy up to politicians?  Interesting questions, really, with answers I had to research myself.
    First just who is Alfred E. Smith?  Most notably, Al Smith was the Governor of New York in the 1920s.  He was a Catholic and he was elected 3 times in New York to guide and serve the people of that state.  Al Smith was an Irish Catholic, born in Manhattan, and a member of  the Democratic Party political machine called Tammany Hall.  In spite of his involvement in Tammany Hall, Al Smith was smart enough to separate himself from it, expose the organizations corruption, and propose necessary reforms in the State of New York.  This made him both popular and unpopular, but made him a favored candidate for President in 1928 against Herbert Hoover.  Unfortunately, the religious sentiment across the country proved doom for the Democratic party ticket with a New York Catholic at is head and a Southern Protestant underneath.  The campaign was rife with problems and it brought to the forefront anti-Catholic bias in this country, particularly in the South.
     Anti-catholic sentiment was nothing new to the United States.  The first permanent settlements in the United States were made up of English and German Protestants fleeing their own persecutions.  They brought with them the propaganda and hatred borne out of Martin Luther's Protestant Revolt.  Catholics were routinely accused of horrible crimes, banned from communities, and prohibited from owning property, home educating their children, or participating in political activities.  There was, of course, the theological prejudices accusing the Catholic Church of being the "Whore of Babylon" and the accusations that Catholics, themselves, were Satan worshippers and idolaters.  In fact, it was dangerous in the early years of our Nation to be a Catholic.  
     Aside from the theological differences, many people in the Colonies feared the secular mindset of Catholics, in general.  It is perhaps why the Protestant legislators in the colonies enacted laws prohibiting Catholics from voting or holding office.  Catholics were primarily unafraid of a monarchical form of government.  They weren't opposed to municipalities governing with Catholic ideas or theology.  In fact, from a Catholic theological and political perspective, this was necessary.  As such, the Catholics weren't necessarily in support of freeing themselves from rule of a King, even if that King was not Catholic or corrupt.  It posed a great problem for the Protestant colonists in the colonies and there was always propaganda floating around to humiliate and isolate Catholics in the United States.
     As Catholic immigrants began flooding the United States in the 1800s, anti-Catholicism reached it's peak.  Protestant preachers ignited the flames in there sermons across the country.  They called for prohibiting Catholics from settling in many places and continued to ostracize them.  Across the country, churches were burned, Catholics were killed, and tempers flared.  It was a very nasty time in American history, and one of the only ways for U.S. Catholics to defend themselves was to fight back and separate themselves from the Protestants.  The U.S. soon became a nation divided between Catholics and Protestants.  
      One way the Catholics sought to defend themselves was through the school system.  In 1875, Pope Pius IX wrote a letter to the U.S. Bishops cautioning them of the danger to the souls of their children in the public schools.  In 1897, Pope Leo XIII issued an Encyclical insisting that Catholic children be educated in Catholic schools by Catholic instructors.  And as anti-Catholic sentiment continued to rise, it was this instruction that the Catholics in New York took seriously.  Tammany Hall, the political machine in which Alfred E. Smith was made, invested millions of dollars in Catholic schools across the country.  This caused such a controversy in the United States, that political cartoons sprung up further inciting the anti-Catholic bias in this country.  This was a very dark time for Catholics.
     Yet, in spite of the Catholic hatred in the country, Alfred E. Smith won the Democratic nomination for President in 1928.  And his nomination let loose another hailstorm of anti-Catholic sentiment, particularly in the South, where the KKK rose up in loud protest.  Of course, the campaign was doomed to fail, with Al Smith receiving merely 87 Electoral College votes.  In spite of the Democratic platform of improvements in education, federal money for farmers, and an end to Prohibition, the Republicans fostered the sentiment made by a Southern preacher:  "No subject of the Pope should be allowed to become President."  Even members of his own party campaigned against him out of fear that he would make America a Catholic nation.  
      After Al Smith's humiliating defeat, he attempted to run for President once more in 1932.  Of course, he lost that nomination to FDR, and he went on to become very outspoken against that President's New Deal.  He spent the rest of his life in vocal opposition to Roosevelt's New Deal policies, hoping for reforms.  He did in 1944.  In 1946, the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Spellman established the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation in memory of Mayor Smith and all the good works he had accomplished for Catholics in both politics and public service.  The goal of the foundation was and is to raise funds for the neediest people, especially children, in the Diocese of New York.  The main fundraiser for the Foundation has always been the Al Smith Dinner, the black tie affair where the wealthiest donors come for a night of fun and entertainment, with the explicit purpose of political elbow-rubbing.  Cardinal Spellman hoped to remind people of the importance and significance of Al Smith and Catholicism in our political history.  There have been only few occasions where current presidential candidates have not participated in the dinner.  In other words, it's a big deal for politicians and it's a big deal for Catholics.
     The Al Smith Dinner has a long history, then, in American politics.  It also has a long history with Catholic Charities and collecting donations for health care, schools, and food for needy families.  Perhaps these are the reasons why Cardinal Dolan saw fit to invite both the President and his rival to the dinner this year.  But for whatever reason, the Cardinal has left Catholics scandalized and confused.  Yet, this does seem to be the mantra of the modern Catholic Church---keep the faithful ignorant, confuse them more, and lead them to believe that evil is good, no matter what the degree.
     Bloggers all over the blogosphere are rightly outraged and confused by the Cardinal's actions this year.  There was a petition out to stop the Diner completely.  Others have just questioned why Cardinal Dolan would invite President Obama.  Some retained hope that Cardinal Dolan would use this as an opportunity to confront President Obama about his abortion views.     And then you've got the Catholics giving rounds of applause to His Emminence, Cardinal Dolan.      What are Catholics to make of this whole mess anyway?
     For clarity sake let's have a look at what the stink is all about anyway.  Most of the individuals in opposition to Cardinal Dolan's invitation to President Obama has to do with his view and policies on abortion, homosexual marriage, and his Marxist ideology.  They argue that the President's pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-government control of health care are incompatible with Catholicism and, therefore, he should not have been invited to the dinner at all.  These same people argue that Mr. Romney should have been the only one to speak since his views are consistent with or are at-least not as extreme as the President's.  I suppose that's their opinion.  However mine is much different.
    Until the 1980s, neither abortion, homosexuality, or Marxism had been on the radar or lips of American politicians.  Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Walter Mondale, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, Al Gore, and Dick Cheney were at one time or currently are all supporters of abortion and or homosexual rights.  They have all been speakers at the Al Smith Dinner.  If these politicians have been invited and spoken at the Dinner, then why the outrage over Obama?  For what it's worth, Mitt Romney is also pro-abortion.  Why not be outraged that he was invited and spoke at the Dinner?  It's truly a puzzle to me.
     Why has there never been outrage before?  Simple.  Money.  The modern Catholic Church is no longer interested in saving souls or avoiding the cause of scandal.  The bishops and cardinals are only interested in one thing--political posturing to raise money for this project or that.  It's a real shame.  The Cardinal, if he had really taking his role as Shepherd seriously, could have refused to invite them both, and instead invited Rick Santorum who is both Catholic and unequivocably pro-life and pro-family.  He could have invited Mike Huckabee who is also.  Perhaps he could have invited Todd Akin.  Now wouldn't that have made a statement!  But no, His Emminence decided it would be best to continue to confuse Catholics by allowing them to think that Catholics can simply separate Catholicism from their life, from their political decisions, from the voting booth.
     This is a complete insult to the memory of Albert E. Smith.  There was a man who faced assault after assault for his Catholicism. Here was a  man who denounced the KKK, who openly tried to rid it's influence from the Democratic party.  He was ridiculed and derailed by members of his own party.  Why?  Only because he was a Catholic.  
     The Catholic Church has always been the last bastion of hope in the world.  She has always defended the helpless and hopeless.  She has always stood for Truth.  She has always protected her children from evil and guided them to the Son.  Yet, here we are with Cardinals hamming it up with two pro-abortion politicians telling you on one hand "This is a political dinner and we are raising money for a good cause." and on the other hand telling you "That both parties, both candidates are acceptable choices as long as you don't think too hard."  It is scandalous!
     So be careful, my Catholic friends.  You simply can no longer trust your Shepherds!  They are all wolves in disguise!

Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!